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We are very proud to welcome you to our website. For most of you, the world of Sterile Processing is totally new. For others, this has been an interesting and rewarding occupation. Whichever one of these categories you fall into, we welcome you. CSS has been teaching about the Science and Art of Sterile Processing for the last three years. You are the at the center of what CSS is all about. We put our students first. Your learning and development is at the core of our business.

Understand why this career is so Important… https://youtu.be/xffaciX-ZfM

Central Sterilization Solutions
Address: 19510 Van Buren Blvd F3-399 Riverside, CA 92508
Phone: (855) 234-6770
Additional phone: (951) 575-8988

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There are several reasons why CSS is considered the premier school in Southern California for Sterile Processing education.

Passion & Experience: For starters, we have a passion for our craft. Our instructors have many years of real world experience and have completely dedicated themselves to their craft. We, at Central Sterilization Solutions, appreciate the impact our profession can have on the lives of our patients. We believe we have a responsibility to pass on this knowledge and passion to our students.

Our Certification Pass Rate: We have the highest pass rate among our competitors. Because we put our students first, we ensure that we are focused from day one on two goals.

  • One – you understand very clearly the concepts and principles that we teach you.
  • Two – you are prepared to pass your certification exam. This formula has proven to be very successful. When we put the Student first, the student succeeds.

The interview: A wonderful education is a great thing. A wonderful education with a job is priceless. We will teach you all about the interviewing process. We know what questions are likely to be asked by potential employers. We will help you write your resume if you don’t have one.

Don’t wait any more. Start your new profession with us today. Your books and study materials are included for a very affordable price. Call today at (855) 234-6770 and find out more information.

Contact the professional sterilization technician in Riverside, CA! Don’t forget that we organize medical instrument sterilization courses in Los Angeles and On-Line, we will be starting a class in Anaheim in the future!

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See What Our Customers Are Saying

We received an email from a past client I would like to share.

Hi Harry and James –

I am very late in doing this but I wanted to share our success here at Memorial Hospital Gardena with TJC. They visited us back on October.

We were visited by the Physician on the second day. He checked pressure among our areas and found it acceptable. He looked around and said “this is very clean”.

He asked a few questions about our loads and looked at our load records and then he left. No citations – no recommendations.

You both played a key role in making that happen for us so THANK YOU and sorry for the late notice!!


Thomas T.
Vice President, Supply Chain

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