The Right Option for a Medical Instrument Sterilization Course

A brief description of the course

This course, depending on the option you choose will take you approximately 20 to 40 hours a week to complete over the 9 months you are with us.

Once you receive your course material, you will be working to complete the requirements to sit for your certification.

This will consist of completing your reading, homework and tests while coming into the class 1 day a week to listen to the lectures on 2 chapters each week. The time needed to keep up with this schedule will require that you dedicate a minimum of 25 hours each week to prepare and be ready for the exam.

You will also be required to volunteer at one of the partner hospitals and complete the 400-hour internship hands on training. This will help you pass the national exam as well as have you ready to apply for a position as a Sterile Processing Technician.


Allow us to say a few words about the director and assistant of Central Sterilization Solutions. Their professionalism will greatly benefit you when it comes to the education you will receive!

Harry Mullen
Joined the Navy in 1984 and served there as a Hospital Corpsman and instructor for six years. He started as a sterilization technician in April 1988. 20 years later he received his first certification and was promoted to a supervisor position. 2 years later he transferred to the Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center to take over as the Department Administrator, he retired at the end of 2011. Harry joined CCSA as aregional director in the LA, Ventura and Santa Barbara area. Harry is currently the President Elect of CCSA and will start his Presidency of CCSA in July 2017. In 2011, he joined Central Sterilization Solutions as Program Director and Consultant.

James Hoxie
Hoxie has been with Kaiser Permanente for over 20 years. He started out in the storeroom and, in a very short time, worked his way up into management. He is currently the Interim Dept. Administrator at the Kaiser LAMC. In 2011, James also started with Central Sterilization Solutions as an instructor as well as a Consultant.

The School
Our school first started teaching the medical instrument sterilization course at the University of Phoenix. However, we are currently teaching classes at: Orange Terrace Community Center in Riverside, CA; Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles CA;  and we also offer a on-line course option as well.  Therefore, if you need an experienced sterilization technician make sure to reach us!

The facts written above should convince you that, with us, you will get the proper education you need in order to pass the certification exam. Also, we will help you prepare your resume and train you for your interview. So, make sure to contact us today because we are the proper choice for you in Riverside, CA and the nearby cities!

For a reliable medical instrument sterilization course, call (855) 234-6770!