More about the Cleaning and Sterilization of Dental Instruments

Can Sterile Processing Tech Schools Teach Young Professionals How to Properly Clean Dental Instruments?

A few weeks ago, we have discussed a few basic tips for sterilization dental instruments. Today, we will continue the topic but we will rather focus on the process of cleaning them. Hand scrubbing is no longer the most recommended method for cleaning such instruments. Using mechanical means instead is a much more popular and reliable way of cleaning dental instruments because:

  • it minimizes the handling of instruments
  • it limits the risks of puncture injuries during the process of cleaning
  • it reduces the amount of resources invested in the cleaning, as mechanical cleaning does not require extra expenses to be made on purchasing protective eyewear, mask, and gloves
  • it is time-saving for the sterile processing technician, as the locked cassettes eliminate the need to sort each of the instruments individually
  • it reduces the risk for the technician to get infected by used instruments which are contaminated

Despite the fact that manual cleaning is no longer that popular, the specialists who are handling the mechanical cleaning of dental instruments need to be certified after completing a course in any of the local sterile processing tech schools. Even if you have been certified for many years without practicing the profession, you will not have to take the course again. A simple instruction on how to work with a mechanical cleaning device will be more than enough to get you started.

The mechanical cleaning devices which a dental sterile technician may need to operate with are:

  • instrument disinfector
  • instrument washer
  • ultrasonic cleaner

If you do not know how to operate with any of these, you most definitely need to attend a course in one of the local sterile processing tech schools. If you have still not made your choice, we strongly recommend you to turn to Central Sterilization Solutions. The school is based in Riverside, CA and offers courses all year long. You can attend our school or complete the course online. For more information on how our course system works, you may dial (855) 234-6770 and ask all the questions you have!

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