Instrument Sterilization in Dentistry

Is a Sterile Technician Certification Course Necessary When You Want to Work as an Instrument Processing Tech in a Dental Care Clinic?

Most dental offices and clinics in Riverside, CA have a designated area where instrument reprocessing is performed. It is usually separated from the dental treatment room and is a place where a sterile technician can work all by himself/herself. If you are interested in working in a dental care medical facility as an instrument processing specialists, you are then most probably interested in signing up for a sterile technician certification course.

Insturments DentistryIn most of the cases, dental offices and clinics have a designated area (separate from the dental cabinet) where instruments are reprocessed. This is necessary in order to avoid cross contamination which can occur if the instruments are stored and sterilized in the same room where patients are being treated. There are several types of instruments, which have to be disposed of immediately after they have been used. This happens in the dental treatment room where the patients are. There are special containers where single-use sharp instruments are disposed in order to prevent an injury. Basically, what is being processed in the separate area, as we have already mentioned, is the tray or cassette of reusable instruments.

Special handling is used to transport these instruments safely and avoid contamination. According to the requirements of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), sterile processing technician who is responsible for handling the dental instruments through cleaning, removal, sterilization, drying, sorting, and packaging has to use heavy-duty safety gloves in order to prevent any potential injury with sharp contaminated dental instruments. These are called utility gloves and often feel more awkward than examination gloves, the protection they provide during instrument reprocessing is better.

If you have recently opened a dental office in town and you are searching for a reprocessing specialist, Central Sterilization Solutions can help you! We are a specialty school offering a professional sterile technician certification course to anyone who wants to specialize in this field. We can recommend you some of our top students who are living in your area and currently searching for a job. For more information, call us now at (855) 234-6770!

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