Professional sterile technician certification course in Riverside, CA

We are more than proud to welcome you to the website of our company. In the lines below, you can find more information about our classes as well as the most common reasons why we are considered as the premier option among all sterile processing tech schools. Through the 3 years we have been offering our courses, we have been striving to help all our students. That is why we can confidently say that, with Central Sterilization Solutions, you will get nothing less than proper education!

Probably the main reason why the residents of Riverside, CA consider us as a the right option for a medical instrument sterilization course is the fact that we have the highest pass rate. Therefore, you can be sure that, with us, your chances to pass the certification exam are higher than with any other certified sterile technician. Also, as a professional company, we, at Central Sterilization Solutions, will write your resume and prepare for your interview. What is more, our services come at affordable prices! So, it is indisputable that, whenever you are looking for a certified registered central service technician, we are the right option for you!

Keep in mind that all materials and books are included in the tuition. Furthermore, our school can help you with the financing; ergo, you don’t need to apply for a student loan or seek help from the FAFSA. So, don’t hesitate any longer, contact the professional sterilization technician in Riverside, CA! Don’t forget that we organize courses in Los Angeles and Anheim too! Consequently, if you reside in any of those two cities, you should consider choosing us as the right option for you. You can rely on us to help you become a premier sterile processing technician!

Things you will accomplish with us:

  • Educate and arm yourself with the right tools
  • Become certified in as little as 5 months
  • Earn as much as $15 an hour to start or more
  • Become a supervisor or even a manger

Sing up now for our professional sterile technician certification course – call us at (855) 234-6770.